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Tutus Para Todas & Escuela Mayagüezana de Ballet y Artes Escenicas (EMBAE)

Tutus Para Todas has funded the full scholarship of a young dancer at EMBAE.

A talented 8-year-old student with lots of potential, she adores attending ballet classes and loves participating in performances like The Nutcracker. Now, this dancer is able to attend the classes she enjoys so much without any financial burdens thanks to your support!


Tutus Para Todas & Danzactiva

Tutus Para Todas has worked to support Danzactiva through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Danzactiva, a small dance studio located in the heart of Old San Juan, is an incredible organization dedicated to providing a valuable dance education while celebrating inclusivity and the diverse cultural influences of Puerto Rico.

Along with a wide variety of classes such as ballet, flamenco, salsa, and Kathak (classical Indian dance), Danzactiva's special DanzaÉ program offers traditional Puerto Rican bomba dance classes to students with developmental disabilities. For over twenty-two years, director, Paulette Beauchamp, has maintained an inclusive artistic space that integrates professional musicians and dancers.

Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 10.34.57 AM.png

"En 22 años de experiencia con DanzaÉ (proyecto de inclusión con músicos y bailarines profesionales) hemos cosechado premios locales e internacionales y hemos viajado a Sevilla y Nueva York para representar a PR en eventos culturales."

                                                   - Director of Danzactiva, Paulette Beauchamp

Translation: "In 22 years of experience with DanzaÉ (inclusion project with professional musicians and dancers) we have garnered local and international awards and we have traveled to Seville and New York to represent PR in cultural events."

Above, Founder of Tutus Para Todas, Natalie Kozhemiakin, learns bomba from the incredible students of the DanzaÉ program.

Your Impact:

Tutus Para Todas has made possible the purchase of dance attire (special t-shirts) for the students of Danzactiva's DanzaÉ program, the funding of a bomba dance instructor as well as a physical efficiency teacher, and supported the online capability during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, director of Danzactiva, Paulette Beauchamp, has continued to provide free online classes for students with developmental disabilities.

                                       Below, two students share their experience in the program:

"Jean Carlos Rodríguez Castillo is an 18 yr, old with Autism, who is hyperactive and has difficulty concentrating. Last August he began joining (online) the free bomba (folk dance) classes that Danzactiva offers for people with disabilities. To his mother's surprise, Dance transformed Jean Carlos and opened a door to a world where he manages to concentrate for longer periods, while learning new things, exercising, improving his coordination and socializing with new friends.” (From

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Above, another student (Ashley Maisonet) in DanzActiva's DanzaÉ program speaks with her mother and director, Paulette Beauchamp.

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